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Propex Heatsource furnaces


The perfect cabin heating solution for campervans, small RV's, pop-up campers, and small boats

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NEW model!

Propex HS2211 heater: this new model is the answer to a few installation variations: It can be mounted under the floor or inside the camper vertically, taking up less valuable space than the other models. This model uses the same reliable electronics as the others and has internal insulation to make it run even more quiet than the HS2000. A more modern, streamlined thermostat rounds out the package. 6500 btu output.

Brochure can be viewed here: HS2211 brochure


$775 + shipping


Propex HS2000 propane fired, externally vented camping heater kit, 6500 btu. Very quiet operation, self-diagnostics, 1.9 amp current consumption.

Brochure here: HS2000 and HS2800 brochure

$695 + shipping

Propex HS2800 propane fired, externally vented camping heater kit, 9700 btu, plenty of heat for even the coldest nights. If you are one who camps in your Westfalia with the top up in super-cold weather, this is the ticket! Very quiet operation, self-diagnostics, 1.9 amp current consumption.

$795 + shipping


Marine and 24-volt versions - special order


Seven-day programmable timer - 24-hour clock only


NEW! Propane regulators - nice quality, powder-coated exterior, proper pressure specs for the Propex heater. May not include POL fitting shown as stock varies. $25.


Ducting grommets for HS2211 exterior-mounting - great for protecting the ducting where it enters the metal floor. Requires 3.5" hole. $3 each.

Optional closeable outlets - on the left is the 2000/2800 style, on the right 2211 style. Both are rotational. Not recommended on a single-outlet ducting system unless placed where they cannot be accidentally closed while the heater is running.


Optional and additional parts
Replacement parts
Replacement and optional gas fittings


We've been seeing a few instances of propane system contamination causing firing issues and poor performance of these heaters. This most often happens when heat is needed most - in the extreme cold temps. Propane suppliers often don't want to admit it - but poor processing of propane gas and faulty or worn-out pumping equipment can easily introduce contaminants, and these clog up lines, regulators, gas valves and jets. For those experiencing this problem, I have found a source for inline filters. Inlet/outlet 1/4" NPT, installed best between the propane tank valve and regulator. $40. Available here!



NOTE: PLEASE READ the current installation tips before starting - the newest version heaters (produced after February 2010) require FULL LENGTH flex pipes in order to work properly - DO NOT CUT (shorten) the inlet or exhaust pipes!

Note: if you have upgraded your Westfalia camper to the new electric fridge - which we sell on the parts page - you will have a LP gas line port free at the regulator, so will not require the optional connection fittings.

Fall startup tip: If you have a heater produced before February 2010 - serial numbers prior to B10 (last 3 digits indicate month and year) and a red LED on the thermostat: If your heater fails to run and displays a 5-flash fault, use compressed air blown into the intake pipe for a few seconds. The air flow sensor can sometimes become stuck if the heater hasn't been used for many months.


Propex HS2000 installed underneath the new Truckfridge TF49:


Below are some photos of the heaters using the most common installation method, in a Vanagon Westfalia.


An installation where the rear heater was removed, and the Propex installed in it's place - gained 3" of storage space!


Inexpensive homemade water-column-inch gauge. Each mark is 1/2" distance but counts for 1" WC.


Installation of an HS2800 in a Westy where the original rear heater was removed. We used the original heater outlet location for the Propex outlet. Amazing heat output -- and still room for their subwoofer box above it!


Another installation where the original rear heater was removed:

Here are some alternative installation ideas:

This neat enclosure from Rocky Mountain Westy that can house both a smaller Propex and an auxiliary battery.


Custom box done by Ben Huot


Mark Drillock's great idea - installing a 2800 on the passenger seat pedestal, pipes route into the fender well

Installation service available at Westy Ventures: HS2000, $250; HS2800, $300. This is the std. installation as pictured - custom installations higher.

Please direct questions or inquiries to Propex sales

PROPEX installation tips, read here: Propex Installation notes

PROPEX WATER HEATERS now available,  the Malaga II propane-fired water heater. See details at:

Malaga 5 water heater , 10-liter (Special order item) Price is $595 plus shipping. With 115-volt electric option, $675.

Propex 10-liter electric water heater 

(Special order item) Price is $350 plus shipping. Operates on 220-volt electric.