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These are the ultimate replacement refrigerators for the Vanagon Westfalia! No more worries about propane or keeping the old Dometic fridge lit, concerns of spoiled food (or warm sodas or beer!). These modern fridges, the Truckfridge and Vitrifrigo (basically the same fridge with different trim level) both use the excellent German-made Danfoss compressor system, superior to and less vibration and noise than the 'swing' compressor used by Norcold and other companies. The compressor operates silently - the only thing you hear is a small cooling fan when the fridge is running!  There is an interior light that automatically turns on when the door is open; the fridge operates on 12 or 24 volts, 115 and 230 volt with the optional AC function. Current draw on 12 volt is 2.5 amps (average) with an average daily usage of 25 amp-hours. That means it will normally run 2+ days on a 100-110 amp-hour deep-cycle battery.  The fridge has a real freezer section with a door to retain the contents. The main door is reversible and has a squeeze-latch (TF) or slide latch (VF) in addition to a magnetic perimeter seal. The door easily allows matching laminate panels to be installed in place of the supplied black panel. Also available are stainless steel door and frame models from Vitrifrigo, for about $150 extra. Two (2) year warranty on cooling system defects, fan, electrical and 1 year on interior and trim. Should your Truckfridge require service/warranty, you must call first for authorization at 502-863-4536.

Below are photos of a VF C51iSAC installation in a customer's van. In this one, I reused the original door frame: Removed the plastic trim, then trimmed the opening, using a saber saw with fine-tooth blade, 1/8" on each side and at the top. I attached a support shelf, placing screws from the sides. I also fabricated a small removable door, using the old fridge door and latch, to cover the small compartment remaining below. The perfect spot for your Bentley manual and some tools! Also, I moved the 110V outlet to the rear wall as it would otherwise interfere with the backside of the new fridge.   Installation help


A slightly different installation, a TF49, where I fabricated a new front panel, using cabinet-grade plywood and the matching Folkstone grey Formica. I installed a Xantrex inverter and Iota charger in the space below. I also added a matching panel to the fridge door. The battery installed was a 110 a/h UB AGM, coupled to a Surepower 1315 separator using 4-ga cables.


Another TF49, where I fabricated a new front panel. This one has a Xantrex 1000-watt inverter / 20A smart charger beneath the fridge. The control/display panel for the Xantrex is remote-mounted in the Westfalia kitchen panel and the inverter output wired to a dedicated outlet below the original.


These fridges are handsome units that will blend beautifully to the Westfalia interior, even more so if you go the extra mile as in other examples below:


Vitrifrigo C60i as fitted to a Eurovan Winnebago conversion - fits perfectly except the width; you'll need to add a storage area as shown or narrow extension to the sides to center it in the opening. These are available for $750 for the DC-only version, $830 for the AC-DC version:



AUXILIARY Battery setup examples:

In my 'old' Syncro Westy, the group 29/31 deep cycle 100 a/h battery I had been using for years finally started showing it's age. As I tend to camp off the beaten path for longer periods, I decided to go with a slightly larger battery - an Interstate 4D. Weighing in at 50 lbs. more than the 100 a/h battery it replaced, this one supplies over 180 a/h. I also added an Iota 3-stage 115-volt charger and a Surepower 1314-200 separator to keep it topped up while driving.

Another customer installation received this setup: a group 31 SLA coupled with a Surepower 1314 separator. Interstate rates this one at 114 a/h. By spacing the battery from the floor 2.5", the length will fit as shown, decreases the amount of space taken up under the rear seat. Also, I added a HD inline fuse on the charge cable from the alternator.

The ideal battery setup, if you can afford to 'lose' the space, is two 'golf cart' 6-volt batteries in series: these are sold by Interstate under the GC2-HD model, and Trojan under the T-105 model. These will supply enough storage for the heaviest users, at around 230 a/h. By comparison, the tiny batteries sold by one VW parts retailer only store 44 a/h and can only power a fridge for a single day!


"MORE-TORQUE" starter adaptor for engine conversions: Most adaptor-plate conversions had been using the 'Hi-Torque' IMI starter. These have been known to fail frequently and do not have enough speed OR torque to start most high-compression engines, especially the diesels and some Subarus. Even the 'new improved' versions offered are no better. I have developed this adaptor to utilize the commonly available, powerful (1.8~2.0 kw) and reliable starter from the 1996 - 2003 manual-trans VW TDI (diesel) cars, the SR0408X/409X. The adaptor mates with this starter to provide an easy installation to the waterboxer manual-trans bell housing. The SR0408X/409X is a Bosch high torque gear-reduction type starter, is slightly longer than the stock wbx starter, and has a self-supporting shaft-- it no longer requires the pilot bushing to position the shaft end. On Syncro applications with locker, a 3/4" notch will be required in the diff-lock bracket, and you must use the longer (2.25") type bracket (photo below) and corresponding locker pin. Sorry, it will not work with the short bracket unless you extend both the bracket and the locker pin. The adaptor will work with ALL conversions using a Kennedy, Eurospec, SmallCar, Vanaru, or Tiico engine adaptor plate and stock-diameter ring gear, also with the stock Vanagon WBX. The 'automatic' version adaptor is essentially a thicker version of the manual adaptor - and has been shown to be a good fit for the earlier Bus or Beelte manual transmission (70's) so we've got you covered there as well.

MANUAL version "MORE-TORQUE" starter adaptor: New, improved version! My new machinist has improved the design and appearance, I think you'll be impressed. These fit all conversions using the waterboxer manual - transmission bell housing.


Syncro variant using bolts instead of the studs in the regular manual version. This allows for much easier installation and removal of the starter while leaving the adaptor in place.

Specify in your order notes if you would like this Syncro version.



AUTOMATIC version "MORE-TORQUE" starter adaptor: This version fits all Vanagon automatic transmissions and also fits well on the older pre-091 transmissions like the Beetle and early Bus. These VWs used a longer starter drive so the spacing works perfectly. Bolts are used for mounting the starter onto the adaptor as opposed to studs on the manual version.



Optional OEM-style plug for the TDI starter. This ensures a solid connection and seals against dirt and moisture. Choose the first option if ordering with an adaptor, second option if purchasing without.

Plug options




We are no longer offering the remanufactured starters due to the difficulty and expense involved with warranties. Please source them from you local auto parts store. OEM Bosch is the best quality. NAPA Auto Parts and Amazon should be a decent sources. I would advise against the cheapo Chinese starter being sold around the 'net and eBay. These typically sell for less than $100 but are very poor quality and sometimes won't even fit correctly. Watch this space, however - I am attempting to locate a source for quality NEW starters, eliminating the rebuild quality issues.




NEW Parts:

Coolant pump, early 1.8T, new, $50

USED Parts:

Super-robust German side tent for Vanagon. Drive-away, steel tube supports, windows, high quality tent. $450

Audi S4 front brake calipers - fit 321mm discs. $150 w/discs, $100 w/o discs.

R12  electronic leak detector $50

20-lbs. R12 refrigerant - pick up at shop only! $100

FUEL INJECTION Manual, RAM, Covers ALL import and domestic systems in use up to 1986, including CIS, CIS-E, LH-Jetronic, AFC, Japanese systems, TBI, etc. FREE plus shipping

FREE: repair manuals! Haynes: Nissan Sentra 1982-1988 , several thick Chilton 'all import's' manuals

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