Please note - the photos below are are from past work at Westy Ventures. We are NO LONGER offering conversion work or general repairs until further notice.


Aswah's bus

This Westy didn't get a conversion, but received multiple upgrades. 130-watt Kyocera panel, routed to a SunSaver Duo charge controller that charges the 100 a/h deep cycle AGM  battery shown under the rear seat and the 44 a/h Odyssey under the driver's seat. I also installed a dual-battery on board charger to automatically top off the batteries when the van is plugged in. Vitrifrigo C51 fridge with storage under, the door is made from the old fridge door. Sureflow faucet. GoWesty lift springs. Euro H4 headlamps with hi-power bulbs. Paint done by Ken Mitchell: Paintedbus Artworks




The 'Rogers' project - 1988 Westy 2WD m-TDI  






This mTDI-powered van was converted, improperly and poorly, at another shop - it came to me barely able to pull itself along. After many hours of work and reworking almost every system, it runs beautifully and returns 30-32 mpg.


The 'Frazier' project - 1987 Syncro Westy 1.9TD

I built this conversion in 2003: A beautiful 1987 Syncro Westfalia 1.9TD AAZ turbo-diesel conversion: new engine, suspension and brake upgrades. This Westy came back to my shop for an all-over paint job, new tires, and a thorough check-up in mid-2007, and here are the results. It was sold to a gentleman in California and now lives yet another adventure-filled life!

Custom oak interior and full roof-top solar panel setup (done elsewhere), larger wheels and brakes, very unique! 


The 'Bartley' project - 1987 Syncro Westy m-TDI

This one received a donor 1Z TDI from a '96 Passat, utilizing one of my m-TDI 11mm pumps with's Sprint 520 injectors. The combination gives just wonderful pulling power in the low- and mid- rpm ranges, and is a blast to drive!

This camper is now the replacement for my now-retired old slate-blue Westy Syncro and will be the base for many upcoming projects and testing! Look for more updated photos as they appear on the 'my rigs' page.


The 'Long' project - 1990 Syncro Westy

Some 'before' photos:


Buildup of the m-TDI engine and transmission:


Diesel Syncro fuel tank:


Airbox, diesel coolant tank, relocated PS reservoir:


Gauges: diesel tachometer, glow plug LED, overhead console of EGT/turbo boost/oil pressure, and intercooler in/out/coolant temperature (to the left of speedometer)


Battery upgrades: UB12220 '4-pack' under driver's seat, UB121100 in the cubby left of the fridge, each independently charged on Surepower 1314 separators

The exhaust - this is the first one where I've installed a catalyst. All 2.5" mandrel-bent stainless, Magnaflow SS catalyst, Stainless Specialties Performaster glass-pack muffler. Supported with OE type mounts.


Air-liquid intercooler system - Spearco intercooler, front-mounted radiator, and modified front grille. Super efficient: on hot days it drops the temperature as much as 160 degrees from inlet to outlet.


Finished! I integrated the AC, PS, and factory cruise control.  The transmission gearing (3rd, 4th) was changed, resulting in 3000 rpm at 70 mph. Fuel mileage has increased to 30 mpg from the 16-17 previously, and torque is estimated at 70% increase at 18 psi boost. Great fun to drive, quiet, and relaxed.



The 'Feickert' 1985 Westy Audi 2.6 conversion:                                                                                                               

This one got an Overland 2.6i Audi five-cylinder conversion. This was the first one delivered from Overland to a shop. I installed it totally under the stock engine lid! Smooth and powerful, totally transformed this van! This one even got a factory-new SA 5-speed!

The 'Loper' 1987 Syncro Audi 2.6 conversion:

This is the second Overland 2.6 kit I installed. I had a fondness for these engines, they have very smooth torque delivery and seem perfectly matched for the Vanagon. No wonder VW of South Africa used these engines! If only VW Germany had used them too, most of us might have never converted.


'Otto', My 'first' m-TDI conversion:

Shown here in my personal Syncro Westy  I sometimes refer to as the 'test-rig'. This van started it's life with a lowly waterboxer for the first 265,000 km, then got a 1.9 TD AAZ for the next few years before the m-TDI AHU was installed in 2005. Over 700,000 km on the rig and 200,000 on the m-TDI conversion, sadly retired in September 2011 due to substantial body rot, causing the left rear suspension to detach.

Running Powerplus 764 injectors and 12mm mechanical pump, 26 psi boost, Saab 900 intercooler. I absolutely LOVED the power this little engine made!

Here is a custom six-gauge panel I built for my personal Syncro TDI:

From left to right: EGT, 30-psi boost, oil pressure, oil temp, coolant temp, volts.